Improving The Education, Health, Wellness And Inner Strengths Of Individuals

In Communities Across Miami, FL

What is

I AM KING DAY is an annual campaign that takes place on January 15th. We encourage and reassure our young men that they are kings through guest speakers and influential individuals in the community. This event takes place at North County K-8 Center. 

What is the 
I AM KING Program?

In partnership with The Miami Foundation, 100 Black Men and Mayor Oliver Gilbert, the I AM KING Mentorship Program is a safe haven for boys, where they learn how to become productive young men in today's society. 

We're Creating Success Stories 

For Our Children

"Our biggest thing with the Ted Lucas Foundation is to give our young kings exposure. The way to to expand their minds - is to expose them to different things."


The Ted Lucas Foundation's mentors are comprised of influential men in the Miami Gardens community. 

Ted Lucas

Delon Turner

Philip E. Bacon

Thomas Eugene

KotKenya Collins

Jasper Johnson

David Murker

Christopher Benjamin

Robert Henderson Jr.

Albert Milo

Tim Webb

Ansarae Salahuddin

The Curriculum

T.E.A.M - Teach, Empower, Affirm and Mentor

This curriculum consists of:

- Social Emotional Learning

 - Personal Enrichment, through Positive Action Curriculum

- Physical fitness with SPARKS Curriculum

What subject does your child need help in?

The Ted Lucas Foundation offers FREE tutoring to students in need.

I AM KING Gallery

Our Sponsors

The Ted Lucas Foundation is a Sponsored Fund at the Miami Foundation. The Fund operates under the aegis of The Miami Foundation.

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