Change a king's life today. 

The Ted Lucas Foundation has uplifted the city of Miami Gardens for years. Let's continue the work together. 

SINCE 2009,

the Ted Lucas Foundation has transformed the youth at North County K-8 Center and within the city of Miami Gardens.

Ted Lucas, founder, was born and raised in Miami Gardens and he's seen it all - violence, gangs, you name it. With the help of TLF, he's been able to do the work.

We're making a difference.


That extra push is all a child needs to succeed. We're starting our after school program in the Fall. 

Building Character

Train a young king up and he will never part. The I AM KING Program is designed for this. 

Community Impact

Providing Thanksgiving meals, giving children hope on Christmas Day - we've done it all. 

Impacting one child at a time, each and every day.

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"This was my first time on a boat. I've never been on a boat in my whole entire life."

 ~ Kavonate Carraway, I AM KING Program,

Ted Lucas Foundation

Every family has a story. Witness this story.

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Change a king's life today.

Our program(s) are funded with each child in mind. Give and support at least one child today - anything counts. 



With your help, we plan to raise as much as you can give. 

Let's track our success together. Each week, we'll track our success and see how much we've raised. Together, I know that #TLFCANDOIT.


Give here:

We work hand in hand with the Miami Foundation to achieve our goals. 


Text TLFCANDOIT to xxx-xxx-xxx with your amount to give!

Send in your gift!

Mail us your gift in the form of a check - but first, tell us more about you!

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